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Luxurious feel of velvet

Envelope or Box Certificate?

If you wish to gift a very special present to your loved one – A Photoshoot Certificate is your perfect solution! We offer 2 options: A Gift Envelope for 250 Swiss Francs (outdoor shooting) and a Gift Box for 350 Swiss Francs (Studio shooting).

Both options include a photo shooting of 1,5 hours max and can be used within 12 months. The delivery cost is 10 Francs.

The payment can be done via TWINT or a Bank Transfer.

Gift Envelope

Velvet Envelope with a transparent plastic certificate for 250 Swiss Francs. Ideal for outdoor photo shooting of your choice.

Gift Box

Velvet Box with a semi-transparent plastic certificate for 350 Swiss Francs. Ideal for studio photo shooting for any occasion.